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5 book novelties

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Today we have chosen 5 books for you, which are definitely worth paying attention to.

“Victory zone. Governance for the digital transformation Jeffrey Moore

A book by the legendary author on how to wisely use resources to launch a new business line and counter the attacks of disruptive innovators aimed at one or another category.

The Leader’s Mind by Rasmus Hugard and Jacqueline Carter

This book will help you take a fresh look at what a modern leader should be like. You will learn to better understand yourself and your employees, the motivation that drives people and effective ways to manage them.

Effective Diary is an important and productive addition to the first two books!

This specially designed daily planner will become the secret of your success, teach you to focus on the right goals, set priorities and accelerate your personal growth.

And two books on art to help you take your mind off business.

“And It’s All Shakespeare” by Emma Smith

This book is about what makes the works of the great playwright relevant to this day. Each chapter here is devoted to an analysis of a popular play. Not boring and important for cultured people.

Edward Hopper. A dreamer without illusions “Didier Ottange

Hopper is one of the iconic American painters. Realist, surrealist, urbanist and precursor to pop art, Hopper was way ahead of his time. You can read the story of this artist in one breath.

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