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Make a Wish: this is how children with a dream are helped


Children with terminal diseases maintain hope by wishing. A wish gives a child with an incurable disease hope and enables them to confront their unknown future. Many patients’ most memorable moment during their sickness was their desire experience. A child’s wish provides something other than medicine—a secret, unique aspect of their life. We toss a coin into a wishing well in fairy tales, myths, and legends because we know that these fictional places are the places where wishes are fulfilled. Wishes revive what is important in life. In times of darkness, they provide light. Despite the fact that magic wells don’t exist in real life, we toss a coin in, insert a desire, and voila! The wish comes true. Make-A-Wish is a children’s wish fund, to make children’s dreams come true we need your help. 

Here’s how you can help children with their dreams

Make-A-Wish®, a world-renowned wish-making organisation, grants 15,000 to 18,000 life-changing wishes annually to critically ill children. We are unable to grant as many children’s wishes as we would like because we do not have enough resources. We want to grant all eligible children’s wishes, but we cannot because we don’t have enough money. Make-A-Wish® accomplishes its mission by recruiting volunteers, donors, and members. If you want to assist one or more children have a wonderful experience that will change their lives, there are many ways you can get involved.

These children, ages 3 to 18, who have been out of treatment for at least six months and are facing lifelong health issues, are no longer receiving medical care. The Make-A-Wish Foundation can assist these children in getting the treatment they need and giving them a chance to dream big and feel joy. Regardless of whether they are medically fragile or face an unaddressable future, Make-A-Wish children who are no longer receiving medical care need the chance to dream big and feel joy. We want each of these children to be able to dream big and experience joy. Although they cannot always control their situation, they may regain their sense of power and control by imagining and fantasizing. Read about the positive impact Make-A-Wish can Make and how you can help.