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Out the door: 8 cheap (or even free) activities with kids

Are the children free? Very nice, but you have to think of something to do again. Fortunately, we share 8 fun activities for a day off. Extra fun: it doesn’t have to be expensive and can even be completely free.


Barefoot Path

The name says it all: take off your shoes and socks and start walking. There are several paths in the Netherlands, often for free or for a small price. Barefoot through the mud, over water and grass and climbing all kinds of obstacles: what a party.

Picking garden

Picking gardens can be found all over the country. Nothing is more fun than surprising someone (or spoiling yourself) with a beautiful bunch of flowers. The nicest picking gardens in the Netherlands can be found here.


Have a picnic

Make sandwiches, bring your clothes and then look for a nice place to have a picnic. Oh, and is the rain pouring down from the sky? Then you can have a nice picnic in the living room.


Petting zoo

A classic but it remains a favorite, especially with younger children: the petting zoo. Have fun in the playground and pet the animals. You can be sweet all afternoon with it.



It doesn’t have to be thirty degrees for a day at the beach. You can also get a breath of fresh air in autumn and winter. Pros: most kids love the beach!


To walk

That’s always free and nearby. Stroll through the forest or a nature reserve. Don’t want to walk alone? Then go geocaching. Freediving Amed Depth for more information. This is a game in which you use a GPS receiver or telephone with this function to find a so-called cache, a kind of treasure.



On a drizzly day you dive into the kitchen to make the most delicious creations. Find a recipe together that you want to make and bake. Afterwards, of course, you can enjoy the baked goods while enjoying a cup of tea.


Home shop or garden center

Need new furniture or plants? Visit a home improvement store or garden center together. Kids often love this and you can get some new stuff right away. Two birds with one stone. Oh, and of course you can make this activity as expensive as you want 😉