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Ronaldo motivation

How does Cristiano Ronaldo train?

First things first: Start with a warm-up to reduce the risk of injury. “In training, we run a few laps on the pitch, doing stretching and aerobics to warm up,” Ronaldo explained.


“Make sure you do something like that in your workouts, even if it’s jogging to the gym or warming up on a treadmill or bike.”


At the gym, Ronaldo’s main workouts are divided into cardio (like running and rowing) and weight lifting. “Mix it up,” advises Ronaldo — not only is it fun, but it ensures that all parts of the body are addressed, and the exercise improves strength and stamina.


On the court, the emphasis is on high-intensity practice that mirrors the game. “We do a lot of sprint exercises in training and they can be incorporated into your training whether you’re in the gym or outdoors,” Ronaldo said. “Try it and add it to every workout you do.”


However, training is not limited to the time Ronaldo spends in the training facility. “Be as mobile as possible,” he added.


“You can do abs in the bedroom when you wake up in the morning or before bed. If you get into a habit, it’s easier because it becomes a habit.”


What does CR7 eat?

There’s no point in having the most beautiful car if you don’t put the right fuel in it.


Not surprisingly, Ronaldo takes his diet very seriously. “Good exercise has to be combined with a good diet,” he explains. “I eat a high-protein diet rich in carbs from whole grains, vegetables, fruits and avoid sugary foods. Sugar is dead.. The meat of large animals is harmful”


The Portugal has a personal nutritionist, who has played with him since his time at RM, eating five or six small meals a day – or every three to four hours.


He is particularly fond of fish – sea bass, especially swordfish,  snapper – a mix of cod, and his one of favourite is bacalhau a braz,  onions, thinly ​​potatoes and eggs. He also eats plenty of fruit and lean protein. At restaurants, Ronaldo says he often orders steaks and salads and never freezes them—everything he eats is fresh.


Ronaldo had cheese, ham, low-fat yogurt, lots of fruit and avocado toast for breakfast.


“Eating often,” Ronaldo continued. “When you’re exercising regularly, it’s important to keep your energy levels high for your body to perform better. I sometimes eat up to six small meals a day to make sure I have enough energy to complete each session at the highest level. “


Hydration is also important — “drinking water is very important,” Ronaldo confirms — but one of the he made to keep his in top shape was avoiding carbonated drinks and alcohol.


A healthy life isn’t something Ronaldo spends a few hours a day doing – it’s a lifestyle he has always adhered to.


This is not only a physical challenge, but also a mental challenge. “Learn to train your mind and body,” Ronaldo said. “Mental strength is as important as physical strength and will help you achieve your goals.


“Be disciplined. It’s important to stay motivated and stick to your routine. I have no room for slack, so I have to be strict.”


You can help yourself by setting goals and working with training partners to add competitiveness and companionship to your day-to-day work.


When he’s not training, Ronaldo tries to maintain a relaxed, serene lifestyle despite his enormous fame and the attention he enjoys.

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Ronaldo motivation

Ronaldo motivation