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Wall Street jumps with technology and energy. Target news weighs heavily on retailers

US shares rose late and ended on Tuesday before the second day in a row higher when technology and energy shares rose, while the warning from Target Corp. For Overstocks weighed most of the session on the shop shares.

Apple Company (AAPL.O) The shares rose by 1.8% despite earlier in the day news that the company should change the connector on iPhones that are sold in Europe by 2024 after countries of the European Union and legislators have a single charging port for mobile Phones, tablets and cameras had approved.

Technology Index

Technology index S&P 500 (.PLRCT) The alley 1% and gave the reference index the largest boost. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT.O) shares rose by 1.4%. S&P 500. Energy sector index (.SPNY) It rose by 3.1 percent and closed at the highest level since 2014, with a sharp rise in oil prices. The stock trade was jerky, with indexes that were lower early in the day, but the market is recovering from recent sharp losses.

“At a certain point we will put an end to the market, and the market will rise. And we find it hard to believe that this will be in the short term, given a number of fundamental problems that overwhelm the market, “he said. “What we have seen from Target today is certainly not good news for the consumer.”

Government bonds

A trader works on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, US, 1 June 2022. The interest on US government bonds plummeted in the long term after the targeted news, because the only speculation fueled the worst inflation in the past can lie down.

Dow Jones Industrial Average (.dji) The Standard & Poor’s Index rose 264.36 points, or 0.8%, to 33,180.14 points (.SPX) It rose by 39.25 points, or 0.95%, to 4160 , 68 and the Nasdaq Composite (nineteenth) It added 113.86 points, which corresponds to 0.94%, to 12,175.23 points.

Friday’s consumer price data is expected to show that inflation remained high in May, although the core consumer prices, which disregard the volatile food and energy sectors, will probably fall on an annual basis. Website Ipostocksplanner.com for more information. Advance emissions exceeded the falling issues on the New York Stock Exchange with 2.36 against 1; On the Nasdaq, the ratio was 1.69 on 1 in favor of advanced traders.

The S&P 500 made 3 new highlights in 52 weeks and 30 new lows; The Nasdaq recorded 35 new highlights and 121 new lows. The volume at the US stock markets was 10.38 billion shares, compared to an average of 12.50 billion for the entire session in the last 20 trade days.